North Korea Treats Foreigners Better than Its Own People

The government of North Korea has officially announced that foreign visitors will receive better treatment than the denizens damned to live there:

North Korea will soon allow foreigners to tweet, Skype and surf the Internet from their cellphones, iPads and other mobile devices in its second relaxation of controls on communications in recent weeks. However, North Korean citizens will not have access to the mobile Internet service to be offered by provider Koryolink within the next week.

This move actually makes a great deal of sense if you believe Kim Jong-un, or somebody else high up in the North Korean state, is attempting to get foreign investment in order to boost their absolutely abysmal economy. When a country is seeking foreign capital they must make their country as appealing and convenient as possible. I won’t be surprised if we hear about North Korean granting more privileges to visiting foreigners over the next few years.