Obama Threatening Iran

Over the last four years Obama has proved to be quite the war monger. Besides continuing Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama has been using his personal arsenal of drones to bomb people all around the Middle East, including two American citizens. As his term continues it is becoming more apparent that Obama wants to instigate a war with Iran. During a speech, supposedly meant for the Iranian people, Obama first blamed Iran for current international tensions:

In a video to the Iranian people, Mr Obama urged Iran to take “immediate and meaningful steps” to reduce tension with the international community.

I’m not sure how Iran is supposed to reduce tensions with the “international community” when the “international community” is the one who placed and is enforcing sanctions (an act of war) on Iran, continues to threaten Iran, and has made it impossible for Iran to satisfy demands because the demands aren’t concretely defined:

“To date, however, they have been unable to convince the international community that their nuclear activities are solely for peaceful purposes.

“Now is the time for the Iranian government to take immediate and meaningful steps to reduce tensions and work toward an enduring, long-term settlement of the nuclear issue.”‘

Perhaps it would help if the “international community” would tell the Iranian state what it needed to do to satisfy them. I continue hearing murmurs about Iran failing to ease the concerns of outside countries but nobody has really stated what Iran can do to ease those concerns. Looking at the situation objectively it appears that the “international community” wants war and is therefore ensuring Iran cannot satisfy their needs. We know that the “international community” has been at odds with Iran ever since Iran threw out the puppet government established by the British and United States in 1953. At this rate Obama will have the United States embroiled in yet another war, which is rather ironic because he was whisked into power, in part, by support from the anti-war movement.