Chicago to Close More than 60 Indoctrination Centers

Woe is Chicago, their budget situation is forcing them to close over 60 indoctrination centers:

The city of Chicago plans to close more than 60 schools, in one of the largest mass school shutdowns in US history.

The move, which would affect about one in ten schools, is an effort to plug a $1bn (£659m) budget shortfall and address declining enrolment.

I know, everybody is screaming doom and gloom over this news but let’s be honest, the students weren’t using those schools anyways. When your city has a dropout rate of 40% your city can stand to close a few schools. It’s not like better alternatives don’t exist. Let’s face it, Chicago (along with most public education facilities) has been doing a poor job of educating children. With the 40% dropout rate we see that children aren’t falling for the bullshit and are leaving to pursue better options. Why continue to sink money into something that is ineffective and unwanted by students?