Words of Wisdom When Traveling

Wednesday I flew to Phoenix for a work related meeting and ended up back in the Twin Cities around 06:00. After I returned I spent the better part of Thursday sleeping. I learned that trying to stay awake most of a 24-hour period with a cold is a bad idea. The only sleep I managed to get was a few minutes here and there laying across three seats at the airport. Needless to say I felt rather miserable for most of Thursday so I didn’t even manage to haul my lazy ass out of bed long enough to write any blog posts.

Here’s my tip for those of you traveling: if you’re sick don’t try to get to your destination and back home within the same 24-hour period. Give yourself an evening of rest, otherwise you’re going to feel like crap the next day. Also, if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona and looking for a good place to eat I highly recommend Brat Haus. They have plenty of outdoor seating (which feels amazing after being cooped up inside all winter), their brats are great, and their beer selection is pretty decent. I also recommend that you eat before returning to the airport if you’re scheduled for a red eye flight since all the restaurants seem to close sometime before 22:00. The only establishments that were open at that hour were a bar and a convenience store, neither of which sold any real food.

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