Minnesota Gun Rights Battle Round Two

Several things are certain in life. Water will always be wet, fire will always be hot, and politicians, if you let them, will always try to take more power from you and transfer it to themselves. After the battle here in Minnesota for gun rights concluded with no real changes a couple of politicians have decided to restart their holy crusade:

MINNEAPOLIS — Some Minnesota lawmakers are still hoping to pass tougher gun laws this session, despite a defeat for gun control advocates earlier this week in Washington.

The two main sponsors of gun control legislation in the House and Senate, Rep. Michael Paymar and Sen. Ron Latz, say they are disappointed that a U.S. Senate effort to extend background checks was recently voted down.

The two Democrats are pushing for legislation that would not only increase background checks, but would also patch holes in the state’s background check system and add more crimes to the list of offenses that make a person ineligible to possess a firearm.

This is a battle that will continue until the politicians know that we gun owners will no longer comply with the state. So long as we show a willingness to play their game and obey their decrees they will believe they hold power over us. I’m sure calls will go out for Minnesota gun owners to show up to hearing and make their presence known and all that jazz that didn’t even win us half a year of reprieve. You can do that if you want but I urge you to take a different route. Instead of playing their game by their rules I would urge Minnesota gun owners to play a different game and make it very clear that all new gun control law will be openly disobeyed. Only through massive acts of civil disobedience will we be able to demonstrate the state’s lack of power and only through such demonstration will we be able to convince them to stop pushing for gun control less the general populace realize that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes and the entire power structure of the state collapses.