I Love Virtual Machines

I can’t describe in words how much I love virtual machines. When I made the virtual OpenBSD server that hosts this website I stupidly made the partition holding this website too small. Needless to say the tiny partition was filling up fast and I need to expand it. With a physical machine this could be a daunting task because screwing up would mean really screwing up. Fortunately on a virtual machine I need only take a snapshot of the server in a working condition before fiddling with things and I know no matter how badly I screw up salvation is only a snapshot restore away. The first time I attempted to expand the partition I royally screwed it up and the server would no longer boot. My second attempt was far more successful. The partition holding this website is now, as far as OpenBSD is concerned, on its own drive. Putting the partition on a separate virtual drive will make it easier to expand in the future when the need arises.