Minnesota’s Legislature Ceasing Its Pursuit of Gun Control… Until Later

With all the talk of increasing taxes I guess the Minnesota legislature has decided they’re going to rape us hard enough this year because they’re apparently ceasing their pursuit of gun control:

While that bill has moved through committee in the Senate, it has faced strong opposition from the National Rifle Association and gun-rights supporters in the Legislature. Thissen tried once to forge a compromise, which focused on background checks at private sales at gun shows.

But even that bill faced difficulty in passing the House.

“We’re not going to take up the gun bill this year,” he said. “Neither side has been willing to come to an agreement. We just need more time to work out something that’s going to work to prevent gun violence.

“I think because of the intensity on both sides of the issue, even some common-sense solutions can’t be agreed upon right now,” he said. “It’s going to have to be something we’ll continue to work on over the interim.”

I’m sure the legislature will continue their pursuit soon enough. Mr. Thissen says work must be done before a “common-sense” solution can be agreed upon. Being a man who likes to help people come together I have a proposal for a way the state can reduce the amount of gun violence in Minnesota. It’s a simple proposal and requires the state to abolish all laws prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and use of drugs not approved by the state. Doing that would prevent shit like this from happening. If the legislature is really serious about stamping out gun violence their second move would be to disband the entire Minnesota government, which is the largest perpetrator of gun violence in the state (seriously, government agents seem to have a hard-on for shooting dogs and threatening nonviolent individuals).