Monday Metal: Herostratic Path, Yersenia Pestis, and Christening of the Common Era by Drona

Since it’s Memorial Day I won’t be writing additional posts today but that doesn’t mean I have nothing good for you. One of my anarchist friends is a member of a local black metal band called Drona. They just posted a three track album titled Depraved Ceremonies to Bandcamp. Unlike most local bands these guys don’t suck at recording and the album actually sounds pretty damn good (and I, as a hypercritical asshole, would be the first to rip on somebody for making a recording that sucks).

All three songs are also available to stream from Bandcamp and you can buy it for whatever price you want to give (including nothing). Give it a listen, I promise it’s worth your time (unless you don’t like black metal, then you probably won’t like this album).

Have a good Memorial Day, I’ll have more content for you tomorrow.