Minnesota Pirate Party CryptoParty

On Tuesday, June 25th the Minnesota Pirate Party will be hosting its second CryptoParty. For those of you who aren’t signed up with Facebook, the event will be held at the Churchill Apartments located at 111 Marquette Ave. South in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To gain entry ring apartment #483.

At this event we will go over public-key cryptography, how to setup OpenPGP to encrypt e-mail, and how to use Off-the-Record Messaging to encrypt instant messages. Everybody is welcome even if you work for a three letter government agency that has been caught spying on American citizens (in fact agents of that agency are encouraged to attend so we can emasculate you by demonstrating how futile your spying efforts are).

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Pirate Party CryptoParty”

  1. I heard about this from Nick L. from a meetup I attend and I don’t book the face. Is there an alternate method you would like for us to notify you if we’d like to attend?

    1. Nah, just show up, buzz apartment #483, and we’ll get you in.

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