What Probably Happened with Those Cuban Weapons

After the government of Panama detected and seized Cuban weapons bound for North Korea the general sentiment seems to be that those glorious people in Panama, who have the decency of being allied with our glorious government here in the United States, stopped those dirty Cuban communists from shipping weapons to those dirty North Korean communists. I’m wondering if a different scenario played out:

Cuban General: “Hey, Mr. President, we have to do something about all of these explosive ordinances. They’re getting old and we’re worried that they’re becoming unstable.”

Cuban President: “Can’t you detonate them in the ocean or something?”

Cuban General: “No. The Americans will get their panties in a bunch and you know how they are when their panties are in a bunch.”

Cuban President: “Yeah. Damn it, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money to dispose of those old relics.”

Cuban Bean Counter: “Why don’t we put them on a ship bound for North Korea? That way we can get the Panamanians to dispose of them after they catch them going through their canal.”

Cuban President: “Brilliant!”