Politics is Depressing

Politics has to be one of the most depressing subjects one can talk about. Seriously, it’s always bad news. Whether the state is cracking down on a new technology, declaring a fun activity verboten, starting another war, shooting another dog, running a campaign for another wannabe psychopathic ruler, or kidnapping people for smoking a weed it’s depressing to read about and watch. This is one of the reasons I have distanced myself from politics. Believe it or not, I don’t like writing about political matters. It’s not so much the subject matter that depresses me as the outcome. Although I’d rather not have to read anybody about the state spying on us I would receive the news more happily if that news lead to the end of the spying. Instead the news will get wall-to-wall coverage for a week or two followed by nothing. The news will cease covering it, the state will continue to spy on us, and we will await the next great political catastrophe.

What’s the point of politics is it only leads to anxiety, high blood pressure, and rage? One of the things I like about agorism is that it’s apolitical and enjoyable. I enjoy working with my fellows an conducting business with them in an entirely voluntary market. Even if agorism doesn’t undermine the state I still have fun doing it. Politics, on the other hand, isn’t fun to participate in regardless of the outcome.

For those of you participating in the political system and wondering why us dirty agorists refuse to join you, the answer is simple: we’re tired of being depressed. We’re tired of investing our time, money, and energy into a system that bears no fruit. Why would any sane person want to spend hours at a caucus, hours at a basic political operating unit (BPOU) convention, hours at a state convention, and days at a national convention when you’re going to have jack shit to show for it? Who in their right mind would invest time, money, and energy into a campaign when you have no reasonable assurance that the campaigner is going to do what you want? I only have a finite amount of time on this planet and I plan to spend as much of it as possible doing what I enjoy. Agorism is something I enjoy. If not for the possibility of putting an end to the state’s power then for the friendships I’ve developed and the good times I’ve had.