Using Violence by Proxy

Days of our Trailers posted about a comment made by a gun control advocate on the Moms Demand Action Facebook page. The commenter, named Kat Brandow, said “Don’t skip Starbucks! Go, and if you see people sporting guns, call the police. Easy. A few arrests will make everyone rethink what they are doing!”

This is a rather ironic statement for a gun control advocate to make. Consider what Mrs. Brandow is saying. She is advocating for people who don’t like guns to call people with guns to harass other people with guns. I think the biggest fact lost on many gun control advocates is the fact that police officers, who they often want everybody to rely on, carry a notable amount of firepower on their person and usually have more in their squad car. If you’re freaked out by a person carrying an AR-15 why would you want to compound the matter by calling in another person with an AR-15?

I theorize that many advocates of gun control, such as Mrs. Brandow, aren’t opposed to guns per se. What they oppose is anybody acting in a manner that they don’t personally approve of. If the target of their hatred wasn’t carrying a gun Mrs. Brandow would find something else to hate about her target. Were private gun ownership abolished she would probably be standing on a pedestal demanding everybody call the police on anybody who is overtly Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, white, black, brown, blue eyed, brown eyeed, libertarian, anarchist, into metal, or some other category that offends her personal idea of righteousness. The gun isn’t what she hate, it’s merely an excuse to hate. It’s little different than a racist who makes excuses other than race to hate people of a different race. If she truly opposed guns she wouldn’t be advocating for people to call other people with guns.

Before I close this post, I feel it necessary to point out that I’m not making this accusation towards all gun control advocates. But those who are advocating for people to call the police on gun owners for the expressed purpose of harassing them most likely are.