The Psychopaths in Charge

Unlike many gun owners the so-called liberals in Washington DC aren’t the politicians that truly scare. The really frightening politicians are the war mongers. Their policies involve sending men and woman form this country overseas to kill men and women in foreign lands. Obviously the men and women of the foreign lands don’t take kindly to invasion so they fight back and put the men and women of this country in harm’s way. War mongers make this Ouroboros of death even worse by refusing to go overseas and suffer the same danger as the people they send. Once in a while a war monger even goes the extra mile and advocates the destruction of entire swaths of populated land:

But if push came to shove and US officials deemed strikes necessary, Hunter turned hawkish.

He said any American strike would be a “massive aerial bombing campaign,” adding that such a mission should not feature any “boots on ground.” Then, Hunter said the US should use its “tactical nuclear weapons” on Iranian targets.

How does threatening a nuclear strike help the situation? If anything such a threat will make Iran want its own nuclear weapons even more. After all, no nuclear armed country has suffered an invasion or a nuclear strike. When one nation begins to threaten another the latter country will want nuclear weapons to discourage the former. I think it would be a requirement of anybody entering public officer to watch several hours of footage of the aftermath of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that any representative who throws around the idea of nuking a foreign country can be dismissed as a true psychopath.