Upgrading My Reloading Setup

I’ve been reloading since I was a teenager. Since then I have been using the RCBS Rock Chucker I started out with for all metallic cartridge reloading. It’s a decent setup but it’s slow. I finally decided that I’m an adult and it’s time I stepped up my reloading operation. So I spent Christmas morning with my father setting up this bad boy:


I am now rocking a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP. Needless to say I’m looking forward to the decrease in reloading time.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading My Reloading Setup”

  1. Oh boy oh boy… you need any help? Give me a call if you have any issues ore questions welcome to the club man.

    1. So far I’m doing well. But the second part of the equation, the new bench, isn’t going to be at my place for several weekends yet so I won’t be loading ammo with this bad boy until then. When I get it setup and screw something up I’ll be sure to give you a ring.

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