Expected Behavior from a Politician

What happens when you give firearm to a person who is used to having immunity from the consequences that arise form their actions? They act negligently with it:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A Kentucky lawmaker said Wednesday that she accidentally fired a gun in her Capitol Annex office on the first day of the legislative session this week, prompting a police investigation. No one was hurt.

Democratic Rep. Leslie Combs of Pikeville issued a statement saying the shot was fired unintentionally Tuesday and that state police assigned to the Capitol found no evidence to indicate any portion of the discharged round left her office.

Combs did not offer details, but a House colleague who said he was in her office at the time described it as an accident.

“She was emptying the weapon and she thought that it was empty and pointed it away and down and pulled the trigger and it went off,” said Rep. Jeff Greer, D-Brandenburg. “Thankfully, no one was hurt. I know she feels terrible about it. … It’s just an unfortunate event.”

She is in a position where she issues orders that negatively impact the lives of everybody living in Kentucky. The fact that she was negligent in her handling of a firearm isn’t surprising but it is probably bar less dangerous that her actions as a oligarch.

Still, the lesson we should take away from this event is that you really need to double, triple, and even quadruple check that your firearm is unloaded when you want to work with it in an unloaded manner. Whenever I disassemble my Glocks I always take a deliberate moment to ensure both the magazine is removed and the chamber is cleared. There’s now point in rushing that check and failing to be thorough can lead to a bad day.