Man Murdered by Retired Cop for Texting in a Theater

Normally I wouldn’t have much to say about this story other than one man murder another in cold blood. But advocates of gun control have been using this story to argue for banning the lawful carrying of firearms in movie theaters. That requires us to have a little discussion:

The shooting suspect, identified as retired Tampa police officer Curtis Reeves, 71, became annoyed when a couple sitting in front of him were texting during the movie’s previews, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s office.

Police said that Reeves asked Chad and Nichole Oulson several times to stop, and then Reeves left the theater. When Reeves returned, Chad Oulson asked Reeves if he reported his phone use to the theater managers, police said. That prompted an argument which ended when Reeves pulled out a gun and shot Oulson in the chest, police said.

The first point that is worth mentioning is that the shooter was a retired police officer. I bring this point up because most gun control advocates are in favor of allowing the police to keep carrying firearms. In fact gun control is entirely dependent on police officers having a means of inflicting violence on those who would violate any firearm restrictions.

The second point that is worth mentioning is that the shooter was obviously prone to violence. This could be due to his years as a police officer or he could just naturally have a predisposition to preferring violence. Either way, if he was willing to shoot somebody for texting he would almost certainly be willing to beat them to death for the same.

As a side note I will also add that the retired cop may have become too used to being held unaccountable for his actions. Most cops are shielded from the consequences of their malicious actions and that tends to breed an atmosphere of irresponsibility. This former cop may have shot the gun because he was shielded from accountability for so long he forgot that actions have consequences. Regardless of how I look at it I can’t find a way to blame the firearm or the fact that people can lawfully carry firearms into theaters.