Watching the GOP Slowly Kill Itself

The Republican Party (GOP) has been slowly killing itself for at least the last couple of decades. It continues to pay talk about small government and individual liberty from one side of its mouth while it talks about oppressing the gays and killing brown people from the other side of its mouth. Needless to say the latter two things haven’t proven to be too popular with modern society.

Part of this slow suicide has involved purging any member of the GOP who advocates for something different than the party line. Here in Minnesota the state party demonstrated its desire to die by dismissing one of its elected representatives who voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriages here:

GOP state Rep. David FitzSimmons became more than a conservative newbie last May when he secured passage of an amendment giving churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriages sturdier legal protection, and then voted for the marriage-legalization bill. He became a good legislator.

FitzSimmons, a 35-year-old agricultural project manager, also became a political whipping boy for the social conservatives who control the dominant Republican Party in his Wright County district. Since May, he’s been the target of vitriol, untruths and threats severe enough to be turned over to law enforcement.

This is why the GOP is doomed. FitzSimmons voting in a manner that was popularly supported and the dickheads composing his party wanted none of that. Instead of embracing the fact that modern society no longer feels the need to use the state’s violence against homosexuals the GOP has put it foot down and loudly declared that it wants to continue its campaign of oppression.

Frankly I can’t help but laugh. During my misguided time in politics I worked within the GOP trying to get Ron Paul nominated. During this time I was surrounded by people who I could only describe as monsters. While there are some good people inside of the GOP, just as there are some good people inside of the Democrat Party, the vast majority were obsessed with striking out against the gays, bombing brown people in sandy parts of the world, and stopping immigrants from crossing the imaginary line that they refer to as a border. As far as I’m concerned the GOP deserve a slow and painful death.