Oderus Urungus Has Sadly Departed

It’s a sad day for metalheads. Oderus Urungus, the front thing for GWAR, has been reported as dead:

The founder and lead vocalist for the heavy metal band GWAR was found dead in his Virginia home on Sunday, police said.

The body of Dave Brockie, 50 — who performed under the name of “Oderus Urungus” for the absurdly grotesque hardcore band — was found inside his Richmond home shortly before 7 p.m., a police spokeswoman told the Daily News.

Investigators did not immediately suspect foul play, but an autopsy was scheduled to determine a cause of death.

I think most of us are aware that Oderus isn’t dead. He has likely tired of the putrid scum of this planet and left to find something better. Wherever he ends up will be made a better place by the metal he will introduce.

One thought on “Oderus Urungus Has Sadly Departed”

  1. I’d Like to think he just departed to start lining up tour dates and making preparations for GWAR’s final glorious tour into the cosmos leaving the Universe just a bit more metal.

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