Taxes Are Proof of Government Sadism

It’s April 15th, which is the date taxes are due for most people in the United States. If ever there existed proof of government sadism it’s the tax system.

Consider this. The government already knows who your employer is. Your employer is requires to file withholding taxes, take out Social Security “benefits”, and other various taxes for the government. If you have children the state issued Social Security numbers, which means it knows how many children you have and when they were born. Getting married requires a marriage license issued by the government. Basically everything applicable to filing taxes is information already possessed by the government.

This being the case it would seem trivial for the government to kick off a script at the end of the year that collects all information on an individual related to taxes, determines what that individual owes or is owed, and send him or her a bill or check. Instead the federal government demands that you fill out the fucking paperwork. To add insult to injury it then has the audacity to charge you fines and possibly put you in a cage if you fill that paperwork out in an unsatisfactory manner.

One can only conclude that the government is making the act of paying taxes more painful than necessary because it gets off on causing pain.

One thought on “Taxes Are Proof of Government Sadism”

  1. See alkso the Selective Service, The government knows you are a male and they know the exact day you turned 18, but for some reason they make you fill out a little card to tell them again so they won’t throw you in jail.

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