A Strange Coincidence

While I don’t subscribe to most of the zany explanations for it, I don’t believe the idea of synchronicity has something going for it. We often see multiple meaningfully related events that are unlikely to be causally related. Take the recent conflict in Ukraine that has rekindled that good old Cold War animosity between the United States and Russia. While the conflict wages on Ukraine’s biggest gas producer, Burisma Holdings, announced a meaningfully related new appointee to its Board of Directors:

Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expanded its Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.

If Hunter’s last name sounds familiar it should. He’s none other than the son of the current vice presiden. It’s amazing how the son of this country’s vice president was able to get a seat on the Board of Directors of Ukraine’s largest oil producer at the same time as this nasty Cold War-esque conflict. But I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence and the United States’s involvement in Ukraine has nothing to do with this appointment.

2 thoughts on “A Strange Coincidence”

  1. And its not like he is a Bush who comes from a family of oil men and knows the business, this is one of those political appointments businesses make to get things they want.

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