My Six Point Plan to Address America’s Political Problems

Whenever I write something critical about playing party politics there is also some very serious person who asks some variation on “What’s the alternative?” In the past all alternatives I’ve provided have been scoffed at. If I mention voting for third-party candidates they will tell me that third-party candidates can’t win (it’s almost as if they understand the problem of oligarchy but don’t want to quite face it). They claim that agorism, the common alternative I provide, cannot topple the government or if it can the lack of government will lead to chaos. But I’ve finally come up with a six point plan to address this country’s political issues:

  1. Drink a lot of beer
  2. Start a death metal band
  3. Become famous for especially brutal music
  4. Tour the world
  5. Do a lot of hookers and blow
  6. Watch the United States suffer its inevitable collapse from Iceland

This country is fucked. We might as well have a good time and try to watch the fireworks from afar.

One thought on “My Six Point Plan to Address America’s Political Problems”

  1. That is the most rational plan I’ve seen for dealing with the US’s political problems.

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