My Favorite Part of the Minimum Wage Battle

My favorite part of the minimum wage battle, which is also my favorite part of the gun control battle, is no matter how much the advocates get they still demand more. Seattle just passed a $15 per hour minimum wage. Much celebration was had but now it is time to begin complaining that $15 per hour isn’t enough:

SEATTLE (AP) — A $15 minimum wage like the one adopted in Seattle doesn’t buy many luxuries in most American cities.

Lattes, theater tickets and cable television will still be out of reach for most minimum-wage workers. But about $31,000 a year should be enough to pay the average rent for a shared one-bedroom apartment, plus utilities, health insurance, groceries and an inexpensive cellphone plan.

At first we were told that the minimum wage was a living wage. That is to say it was supposed be enough to allow a person to acquire the bare essentials to survive. Now it’s about luxuries as well. Hopefully this eventually leads to $1 million per year minimum wage so we all become millionaires. That’ll totally solve all of our problems, right?