Why We Win Part 1,756

There are probably thousands of reasons why we gun rights activists have been winning. A lot of those reasons revolve around our tactics. Gun control activists spend most of their time fear mongering, screaming, and threatening acts of violence against gun rights activists. This has no effect on those of us that support gun rights but really rubs the people on the fence the wrong way.

Another reason we win is because gun control advocates harass businesses in the hopes of getting them to ban guns on their properties. Few businesses bow to their demands because gun control advocates aren’t very good at throwing money at businesses when they do. On the other hand when a business makes it clear that it supposed the rights of gun owners we shower them in money by frequenting their establishment:

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Shiloh Brew and Chew restaurant in Maryville is getting national attention after the owner put up signs welcoming guns.

Owner Sharma Floyd says she can barely keep up with all of the new business she’s getting.

“I’ve now been overwhelmed. I’ve now run out of food twice,” Floyd said.

The restaurant has been staying open late, and Floyd says she’s hiring seven more people this week alone.

“I can honestly say it is the absolute best thing I have done since I’ve been at Shiloh. It’s been incredible for my business.”

Before putting the signs up, business was struggling.

Us gun owners support those who support us. This is a stark contrast to gun control advocates who seem to either disappear after their demands are met or are so few in number that they can’t actually cause a noticeable uptick in sales. Either way a business has much to gain by supporting gun rights or remaining neutral while it has nothing to gain by banning guns from its properties.

A tip of the (not a fedora) hat goes to Guns Save Lives for highlighting this story.