They Grow Up So Fast

It was only 66 years ago that Israel was born. But is has grown up so fast! Since its inception it has basically condensed the progress of most westernized nations into less than a single century. Israel is now catching up to its family members such as the United States and Britain by moving to severely restrict the freedom of speech and association:

The bill proposed by MK Pnina Tamnu-Shata (Yesh Atid) would forbid discrimination in providing a product or service or in entering a public place against soldiers and members of other security and rescue forces such as the police, firefighters, prison guards and Magen David Adom staff.

Tamnu-Shata presented the bill to the Knesset, saying that in recent years, discrimination against people in uniform has become a growing phenomenon.


“Unfortunately, we all saw the demonstrations in which people held signs with hollow slogans against IDF soldiers or articles by people like [farleft Haaretz columnist] Gideon Levy [who wrote that all IAF pilots are war criminals],” Tamnu-Shata said. According to the lawmaker, there is “wild incitement” against soldiers that could turn into actions.

“We must set limits for words of incitement against soldiers.

Military worship? Check. Restrictions on the freedom of association? Check. Stomping on the freedom of speech? Check. And it’s all compressed into a single piece of legislation! That’s the type of government efficiency you don’t see anymore.