Another Gun Blog Incinerated to Ash

I’m fairly disconnected from the gun blogosphere. It’s not that I don’t like my fellow gun bloggers, it’s just that I don’t have time to operate a blog and follow a bunch of them. Of the small number of gun blogs I read frequently one of my favorites has been Tam’s (if the link goes to a blog then it’s happy days and you can ignore the remainder of this post). She managed to wield snark like a surgeon with a scalpel. Sadly she has deployed a desiccator* over her blog (Shall Not Be Questioned is another one of the handful of blogs I follow regularly).

Since I’m fairly disconnected from the gun blogging community I’m also the last to know about any ongoing drama or issues my fellows are dealing with. Based on the comments I’ve read it sounds as if Tam was dealing with the fun and excitement of a cyber stalker. Those can be a pain in the ass and are great at ruining any enthusiasm one may have for any online activity. Needless to say I understand why she burned her blog to the ground but I must also admit that it will be greatly missed.

I came into this gun blogging game late. Since I started several of the old timers have hung up their hats. Blogging requires a bit of work and doing it day in and day out for years isn’t easy and the pay usually sucks. Not to mention the difficulty of writing about one topic for years without falling into the trap of repeating yourself (because, let’s face it, there are only so many things to talk about regarding guns). I haven’t reached burnout point yet in part because I have broadened the topics I write about. Frequent blogging has also helps my writing skills considerably so I’m inclined to keep doing it just to keep the skill practiced. But there may come a day when I decide to deploy a desiccator over this site.

*Obscure reference probably warrants context:

Dark Reign was totally underrated.