California Finally Addressed One of the State’s Most Important Issues

California has a lot of issues. It has a notably high unemployment rate, getting a carry permit is entirely at the mercy of whatever tyrannical sheriff you’re unfortunate enough to live under, its tax rates are absurdly high, and San Fransisco is there. But there is one major problem that has affected the lives of every citizen of that forsake stretch of land that gone unaddressed… until now!

The California Assembly on Monday passed legislation that would ban the state from selling or displaying the Confederate flag, or any similar image, with Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly casting the sole vote in opposition.

Thank almighty Cthulhu that that’s finally been taken care of! But I noticed that the prohibition suspiciously doesn’t apply to the Nazi flag. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

2 thoughts on “California Finally Addressed One of the State’s Most Important Issues”

  1. Am I reading this correctly? They passed a law prohibiting the State of California from selling a politically incorrect item, as distinct from a law applicable to people who aren’t acting on behalf of the State in making the sale?

    Silly law.

  2. I almost thought it was the banning of sales and presentation of the flag by the citizens. Whew! Since it’s merely a law restricting the “rights” of an entity that has no rights “the State” – I don’t have any issues with it. Restrict away! I wouldn’t mind seeing some gun control thrown their way too.

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