Are Terrorists Intercepting Your Phone Calls

I’m here to bring you an exclusive special Fear Day report. Waves were made last week when it become known that rouge cell towers were intercepting phone calls:

The Internet is abuzz with reports of mysterious devices sprinkled across America—many of them on military bases—that connect to your phone by mimicking cell phone towers and sucking up your data. There is little public information about these devices, but they are the new favorite toy of government agencies of all stripes; everyone from the National Security Agency to local police forces are using them.

These fake towers, known as “interceptors,” were discovered in July by users of the CryptoPhone500, one of the ultra-secure cell phones released after Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA snooping.

This technology was originally unveiled at the terrorist hacker training conference in Las Vegas in 2010. Since that time the technology has continued to be refined and now unknown agents are constructing rouge cell towers in major metropolitan areas. What’s even more concerning is that both local and federal law enforcement agencies seem to be unable to identify these towers until it’s too late. Many news sources have speculated that these towers are being operated by local police forces or the National Security Agency (NSA). While those explanations are certainly within the realm of possibility I think one of the most terrifying possibilities has gone unaddressed. What if these rouge cell towers are being operated by the Islamic State (IS)?

Unbiased, extremely reliable sources have reported that the IS is operating numerous training camps within the United States. Based on that information and a bunch of speculation I developed by reading cracks that developed in some animal bones that I tossed into a fire I have come to the conclusion that the rouge cell towers are almost certainly part of the IS’s invasion plan. For what purposes I cannot say. But looking at the map of identified rouge cell towers it’s possible that the IS is intercepting the phone calls of some major players in the business world. Perhaps the IS plans to assassinate these individuals as a form of economic warfare. There’s no way to know for sure.

I will continue this investigation as soon as I can obtain more animal bones and let you know what I discover. Until then please remember to inform the police if you see any cell towers. Lets the professionals determine whether or not the cell tower is legitimate or, in fact, a rouge tower setup by the IS.