Columbus Day

For a few years now there has been a lot of outrage of Columbus Day. Some regions in the United States have even begun renaming the day Indigenous People’s Day to avoid associating the holiday with Columbus.

I don’t understand why people are surprised, shocked, or outraged by the fact that the federal government declared a holiday to celebrate Columbus. Christopher Columbus sailed to a random plot of land, stuck a flag in it, declare the land and its inhabitants property of the Spanish crown, and started killing them and taking their shit. Let’s face it, this single man embodies everything that a government wants to do.

Even today the United States government tries to emulate its hero, Columbus, by sailing aircraft carriers around the world, sticking American flags in Middle Eastern land, declaring the land and its inhabitants the property of whatever puppet government the United States actually controls, and killing those inhabitants and taking their oil. The only thing that surprises me is that Columbus’s face isn’t on the flag of the United States.