An Interesting Analysis of Kangaroos Fighting

A video of two kangaroos duking it out has been making the rounds on the Internet recently. It’s a badass video that I highly recommend watching:

As an added bonus to the video itself Jack Slack over at Fightland has done an interesting analysis of the fight as it pertains to human combat:

I don’t often break down street fights, because they do so much damage to the reputation of combat sports, but some of the facets on show in this fight in particular need to be discussed. Context changes everything. No gloves, pavement instead of canvas or mats, semi-prehensile tail—all of these factors force changes to the form that you are regularly taught in the gym. So for good or for bad, let’s talk about fighting on the streets.

It’s a good read and shows that there are similarities between the way us humans fight and the way other animals of this planet fight.