I’m Just Declaring Today Stupid Wednesday

That’s it, I’m declaring today Stupid Wednesday. There’s just so much idiocy in the news that I’m left wondering how many humans remember to breathe, let alone function at a high enough level to make the news. The City of St. Paul is looking to set a minimum price on tobacco products. But that’s not the dumbest part. As hard as it may be to believe the justification for this plan is even dumber than the plan itself:

“I’ve seen people come in — of age, because they’re purchasing in front of a police officer — but they simply throw down change on a countertop,” Gannon said. “And they have enough change in their pocket to buy a single cigarillo. And I just wonder where that cigarillo ends up at. Does it go out to somebody who may be younger who can’t afford more expensive cigarettes.”

Where does one even come up with such a conclusion? Just because somebody plunks down a bit of change to buy some cheap tobacco doesn’t mean, or even remotely imply, that they’re buying for underage individuals. And it gets dumber:

For law enforcement, limiting access to cigars can be important, because cigar wrappers also can be used to smoke marijuana.

Yup, cigar wrappers have to be controlled because they can be used to smoke weed. Because there’s no other possible way for somebody to smoke weed other than using an old cigar wrapper. No siree!

And just think, these are the people tasked with running your life. These are the people that make up the institution known as government. Your lives are in the hands of total fucking morons.