Editing Sucks

The deadline for the Agorist Writers Workshop is fast approaching. After some furious banging on the keyboard I finally finished my rough draft. I’m excited about that but now comes the job of editing. Holy fuck do I hate editing (as the lack of professionalism on this site probably indicates). It is where I realize all of my hard work wasn’t hard enough.

So far the only scenes I like are the fight scenes. Since this is supposed to be a story about libertarian solutions to problem the fight scenes only make up a small part of the story. The last time I wrote a short story it was basically a long series of fight scenes. You see what the issue is. Next time I’ll return to military science fiction.

Either way the story (and the half dozen other partial stories that didn’t end up being my submission) has been a blast to write. I forgot how much fun fiction can be and really feel as though I should do more of it. But I need to hire somebody else to edit this dreck.

Oh, and I know some of my agorist buddies read this site (what can I say, they have poor taste). You better get your submissions in because I don’t want to be the only son of a bitch submitting work to this contest.

One thought on “Editing Sucks”

  1. Are you sure? I finished an 85,000 word manuscript 2 months ago. I still do not have my final edit. I have never bitched, moaned, pissed and complained so much about anything so much in my entire life.

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