North Korea Facing New Sanctions Because of Something It Didn’t Do

In the infinite wisdom of our government the country of North Korea, which probably already has the status as most sanctioned country on hear, must be punished for something it wasn’t involved in. Last week Mr. Obama signed more sanctions against North Korea because of the latest Sony hack:

The US has imposed new sanctions on North Korea in response to a cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday allowing sanctions on three North Korean organisations and 10 individuals.

The White House said the move was a response to North Korea’s “provocative, destabilising, and repressive actions”.

US sanctions are already in place over North Korea’s nuclear programme.

But Friday’s actions are believed to be the first time the US has moved to punish any country for cyber-attacks on a US company.

Of course the only entity in the world that is seriously claiming that North Korea was involved is the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Nobody else is buying that claim.