Hillary Clinton is Getting Ready for Her Republican Party Presidential Nomination

I’ve been saying that Hillary Clinton is the ideal Republican candidate. And I’m not alone. Democrats still love Hillary Clinton as well so I believe she may be the first candidate to receive both the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations.

And she’s not planning to coast buy on her war mongering credentials along. Hillary has been brushing up on her skills at impersonating every Republican’s favorite foreign prime minister, Vladimir Putin:

If 2016 doesn’t work out for Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state could find a new line of work on the theatrical stage.

During an event in Canada this afternoon, Clinton broke out into an impromptu impersonation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While trying to explain the difference between how the United States elects politicians and how other countries do (wink, wink – Russia), Clinton put on a Russian accent and performed a mock conversation she imagines Putin had with himself when deciding he wanted to be president.

Santorum, Romney, and Bush might as well stay home this election season. They don’t have a chance.