Modern Medical Technology Amazes Me

Prosthetics have only recently become more than crude mechanical devices capable of only being able to simulate very basic human movements, if they could even simulate that. But that introduction of computer technology has allow prosthetics to improve dramatically in a very short period of time. One of my friends posted this video of a woman who has a prosthetic hand that moves very much like a natural hand.

The prosthetic is made by Bebionic, which makes prosthetics that use motors and microprocessors to better mimic human movements. All I can say is that’s incredibly cool.

One thought on “Modern Medical Technology Amazes Me”

  1. And it’s only $11,000. That’s better functionality than the $80,000 competitors.

    I know I’m enjoying the hell out of watching InMoov develop. It’s a totally open-source prosthetic platform.

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