How You Know You Don’t Care About Politics Anymore

The man who started me on the path that eventually lead me to anarchism is Ron Paul. He’s a good man and I generally like what he says. I’ve also attended several of his speeches. Last night he came to the University of Minnesota to give a speech. Several of my friends and I manned the AgoraFest table because somebody has to advocate actual liberty at these events that somehow get heavily attended by Republican groups. Those of us manning tables received free admission to the event so I’m going to give you the rundown of what he said.

Just kidding. Instead of attending the speech a friend and I did something else.


When you decide to go drinking at a nearby bar instead of attend a speech by a man who you still respect but enjoys talking about politics even today you know you’ve stopped caring about politics. This really was one of my shining moments in freeing myself from the clutches of political bullshit.