An Introduction to OpenBazaar

In addition to writing this blog I also give presentations from time to time. A bunch of Libertarians got together on April 25th and played politics. Hoping to save some wretched souls from the Hell of politics a friend and I ran an agorist hospitality suite. While the Libertarians discussed bylaws and other such shenanigans we were giving presentations on peaceful parenting, agorism, literature recommendations, and OpenBazaar. The last presentation was given by yours truly and for some reason the good folks over at AnarchyinAction.TV recorded it. If you want to hear me babbling on for 22 minutes and 57 sections (I don’t know why you would) about OpenBazaar this is your chance.

Yes, I almost always dress like a casual mall ninja and regret nothing about it.

I don’t know if it made it into the video (and I’m not vane enough to watch myself speak) but I did clarify to the audience that I had not had time to look through all of the technical specifications of OpenBazaar. Some of the information I gave, such as how the notary system works, was inaccurate and for that I apologize. But the presentation seems to have been generally well received by the people over at the Bitcoin subreddit so I don’t think I failed completely.