Croatia Declares War on Liberland

That didn’t take long. Not even two weeks since Liberland declared independence the Croatian government has decided to declare war on the small country by kidnapping its president:

Croatian authorities could not be reached for comment to confirm the arrest of Vít Jedlička, a libertarian politician from the Czech Republic. A group calling itself the Liberland Press Association, which has spoken in the past for Jedlička, made the announcement in a statement emailed to

“The president of the self-proclaimed micro-nation of the Free Republic of Liberland, Vít Jedlička, has been arrested by Croatian police for illegally trespassing an international border,” read the statement. “The arrest may have taken place on no man’s land territory. This would raise issues on the Croatian-Serbian border and could start a new crisis in the Balkans.”

What was his crime? Occupying an unclaimed chunk of land apparently. I was kind of curious whether Serbia or Croatia would be the first country to declare war on the small nation. After all, the inhabitants of a 2.7 square-mile piece of unclaimed territory are quite the threat to established nations such as Serbia and Croatia. Perhaps Croatia was concerned its serfs would migrate to the small nation to enjoy the voluntary taxes.