Basic Safety Equipment Legalized in Minnesota

The guys and gals over at Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) have demonstrated once again that, unlike the charlatans over at Minnesota Gun Rights, they can get shit done. Through some miracle of the gods suppressors will be legal to own in Minnesota starting on July 1st:

Minnesota became the 40th state to allow civilian ownership of National Firearms Act-compliant firearms suppressors with Gov. Dayton’s signature last week.

The bill began life as a House measure that, although it threaded its way successfully through that chamber as a stand-alone proposal, had to be folded into a huge judiciary policy bill that addressed a number of widely varied issues to survive in the Democrat-controlled Senate where it passed in a veto-proof 55-9 vote.

Although Dayton cautioned lawmakers that he would not approve a bill legalizing the devices, saying, “I’m not aware that there is any part of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gives us the right to bear a silencer,” the Governor in fact signed the legislation without comment along with three other bills last Friday morning.

The bill contained other provisions that are helpful to Minnesota gun owners such as limiting the state’s power to confiscate firearms during an emergency situation. I look forward to finally being able to attach a piece of basic safety equipment to my firearms. It’s too bad that the National Firearms Act requires me to hand $200 over to the gun runners at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for the privilege of using safety equipment but such as the way of the state (you can’t get anything nice without giving the mob its cut).

2 thoughts on “Basic Safety Equipment Legalized in Minnesota”

  1. Where are you getting July 1? I read through the bill text that went to Gov. Dayton and all the dates there seem to say August 1.

    I would love to be wrong though!

    1. My information comes from GOCRA’s questions and answers page:

      What has changed?

      Prior to SF878, most Minnesotans were prohibited from possessing suppressors within the state. Effective July 1, the state ban will be lifted. Minnesotans will still need to meet all federal requirements.

      Hunting with a suppressor becomes legal on August 1st though. That may be what you’re thinking about.

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