Monday Metal: The Toreador March by Christopher Lee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about the passing of metal legend Christopher Lee. In addition to being a fencer, actor, and basically everything else that’s awesome Christopher Lee was also the oldest performer in metal. To celebrate his career this week’s Monday Metal will be a song from his final EP, The Toreador March:

2 thoughts on “Monday Metal: The Toreador March by Christopher Lee”

  1. I would have gone with My way which is a tad cliche now or Impossible dream because I like those a bit more but Toreador is probably the most Christopher Lee you could get on that EP. And remember he was a very proficient killer of Facists.

    1. And he killed fascists in style as part of the forerunner to the SAS. I theorize that he wasn’t merely human.

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