CryptoPartyMN Website is Up Again

You probably noticed that posting has been sparse this week. That’s because I’ve been focusing my efforts on setting up the new website for CryptoPartyMN. For those of you who haven’t heard of CryptoPartyMN, it’s a group of us in the Twin Cities region that are organizing periodic meetups with the intention of teaching people who to utilize string crypto to protect online anonymity and security communications. We hosted a CryptoParty at The Hack Factory on May 9th and B-Sides MSP and are planning more in the future.

Admittedly the website is pretty bland right now. Unfortunately the theme we were using was on the other server that I don’t have access to. It’ll be improved in time. Likewise now that the site is up and will remain up regularly we’ll make sure to post meetup notifications on it (we usually meet every other Tuesday). Add it to your RSS feed if you want to know when the next CryptoParty event is.