3 thoughts on “Monday Metal: Fiddler On The Green By Demons And Wizards”

  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I guess I’m not the only one touched by the Crimson King.

    On a related note, since Hansi is the lead singer in Blind Guardian, did you hear their newest album? There are several references to Discordia in there.

    And now back to my papal duties of excommunicating people for fun.

    1. I actually just grabbed it on Apple Music and will likely listen to it today. Hearing it has some discordian themes running through it is appealing.

  2. I haven’t actually sat and gone through all the lyrics as I usually do for anything even remotely progressive for music, so I don’t know if it has any actual Discordian themes. That said, it has lines like “red door to Discordia” and whatnot. It might be more referential, like the choir in the title track from D&W’s second album.

    Also, to quote one of my favourite parts of the new album, “break the seal upon the red door!”

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