Good News For Catalonia

Revolution is an art that I pursue rather than a goal I expect to achieve. Nor is this a source of dismay; a lost cause can be as spiritually satisfying as a victory. — Professor Bernardo de la Paz

In a world populated by compliant serfs it’s nice to know the spirit of revolution is still alive and well somewhere. The autonomous Spanish community of Catalonia has voted in favor of secession:

The main separatist alliance and a smaller nationalist party won 72 seats in the 135-seat regional parliament.

However, the pro-independence parties fell just short of getting 50% of the vote, winning 1.9 million out of 4 million ballots cast.

The separatists say the victory gives them a clear mandate to form an independent Catalan state.

Spain’s central government in Madrid has pledged to challenge any unilateral moves towards independence in court.

Predictably the Spanish government doesn’t want to lose its most valuable economic asset. Its court first said Catalonia couldn’t hold the vote, which was duly ignored. Spain may even be readying troops to take the region if it secedes but that’s currently only a speculation.

I’m just happy to see people are willing to separate themselves from their overlords. Scotland had the chance and threw it away but Catalonia seems willing to give Spain the finger whenever the opportunity arises. Hopefully this attitude doesn’t change and Catalonia ends up seceding from Spain.