Know Your Revolutionaries

People often make the mistake of assuming anarchists and sovereign citizens are the same. As an anarchists I’m tired of this. For those of you wanting to know the difference between the two let me summarize.

Anarchists: Believe nobody should rule anybody else.

Sovereign Citizen: If you say the right magical incantations, file the correct paperwork in triplicate, and sign government documents with your name in all capital letters followed by “under duress” the United States government will be forced to allow you to live free by its own rules.

I hope that clears things up.

2 thoughts on “Know Your Revolutionaries”

  1. Have you actually come across people who confuse the two recently? I’d be surprised because I haven’t seen that Sovereign Citizen garbage peddled much in the past 5 years or even more.

    Even if some of their basic claims had any merit, there isn’t any secret classes or training that are given to judges or lawyers, let alone to law enforcement.

    You’d think that they’d be able to point to a single court case where their magical claims worked, but the few I’ve seen where people are dumb enough to try, the judge usually laughs at the person.

    1. There are a lot of people who refer to sovereign citizens as anarchists. It’s especially common amongst statists who assume anybody who isn’t a raging statist is an anarchist (these people often claim groups like the Tea Party are anarchists as well so they’re not too bright).

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