The Voice Of The People Will Not Be Tolerated

Democracy is supposedly our species’ greatest invention since sliced bread. It’s sold as way for the voice of the people to be heard. In reality democracy, at best, enforces the will of the majority (which is why democracy has never been an effective tool for defending the rights of minorities). But when you boil it down the State is an institution of violence and it’s will is always guided by those with the largest capacity for force.

Venezuela’s latest election was cheer by many because the socialist party lost its majority in the National Assembly. Much to the chagrin of President Maduro, this was supposed to mean an end to the country’s failed socialist policies. But Maduro just won a trump card. The military of Venezuela has sworn undying allegiance to him:

Caracas (AFP) – Venezuela’s military pledged loyalty to President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday, ramping up a high-stakes standoff between his socialist government and a center-right opposition that has vowed to use its new legislative powers to oust him.


Venezuela’s defense minister and armed forces chief, General Vladimir Padrino, weighed in, saying the military was unwavering in its backing for Maduro — who has vowed to resist “with an iron hand.”

“The president is the highest authority of the state and we reiterate our absolute loyalty and unconditional support for him,” said Padrino, after the under-pressure government sued to stop the emboldened opposition using its newfound powers to kick out Maduro.

Which will win? The National Assembly and its votes or President Maduro and his guns? My money is on the latter. Government votes are powerless without guns to back them up. If, for example, there were no law enforcers in the United States nobody would care what Congress voted on because there would be no means to enforce its decrees. The reason people become so passionate about what Congress votes on is because they know, whether consciously or subconsciously, that those decrees will be ruthlessly enforced by law enforcers.

Even if the National Assembly votes to oust Maduro they have no way of actually ousting him. He, on the other hand, has the ability to round up all the “counter-revolutionaries” and either “reeducate” them or outright execute them.

Democracy is an illusion. It only offers the majority a voice so long as that voice is deemed acceptable by the State. The State, having the highest capacity for violence, can render the voice of the majority irrelevant rather quickly.