Is That A Bitcoin In Your Pocket

Considering the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) achieved a 95 percent failure rate it’s not surprising this happened:

The TSA attempted to “screen” airline passenger Davi Barker for the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Barker is co-founder of BitcoinNotBombs, a Bitcoin advocacy group that gets donation-based organizations and social entrepreneurs set up to handle the currency. He’s written a very detailed telling of what happened right here. After going through security (he opted out of the body scanner but was successfully cleared through the checkpoint), two people stopped him, and it got uncomfortable quickly.

What next? Will some random TSA goon demand to see the Transportation Layer Security (TLS) certificate in your briefcase?

The agency’s 95 percent failure rate makes a lot of sense when stories like this keep popping up in the news. When your agents are so clueless that they harass passengers after seeing something entirely imaginary there’s little hope that they’ll catch any of the real dangers.

One thought on “Is That A Bitcoin In Your Pocket”

  1. Is That A Bitcoin In Your Pocket…

    … or are you just happy to see me?

    Seriously, this is getting surreal, and not in a nice, Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds kind of way, but the other kind, that accompanies a country going completely down the toilet into totalitarianism.

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