Republicans Versus Democrats Versus Libertarians

The Republicans are selling a world where tall concrete walls topped with barbed wire surround the good God fearing white people of American so they can have sex in the missionary position without worrying about getting their throats slit by the evil barbarians they’re bombing killing.

The Democrats are selling a world where the disarmed populace is entirely at the mercy of the lawless but remain safe from unapproved, dangerous speech and any potential transgression against Mother Gaia, real or imaginary, is punished via summary execution.

The libertarians are selling a world where everybody has the right to snort cocaine off of a hooker’s ass in the middle of a private road while both individuals are wearing nothing but gun belts with automatic Glock pistols in their holsters.

How the fuck are libertarians the ones having a hard time selling people on their ideas?

4 thoughts on “Republicans Versus Democrats Versus Libertarians”

  1. It’s probably the Glocks… if you just changed that something like like a CZ, everyone would buying in.

  2. I think most people are afraid they WOULD snort coke off a hooker’s ass, and that doing so would somehow ruin their lives, so thank God there’s a government here to make that impossible and thus preserve us in safety and security.

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