Even the BBC Thinks Trump Might be Part of Clinton’s Campaign

My theory is sounds less and less crazy every day. Even the BBC can’t deny the evidence that Trump is part of Clinton’s campaign:

“Mr Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton,” he said. “They were at his last wedding. He has contributed to the Clintons’ foundation. He has contributed to Mrs Clinton’s Senate campaigns. All of this is very suspicious.”

Of course Mr Trump has also contributed to plenty of Republicans. He likes to boast that he has “bought” politicians of all stripes. And Mr Trump’s wedding was a coveted invitation for all of New York City’s elite, of which the Clintons were definitely part.
But there’s more.

Also suspicious – for those predisposed to suspicion, at least – is a “mystery” phone call between Mr Trump and Bill Clinton in May, less than a month before the real-estate tycoon tossed his hat into the presidential ring.

Will proof eventually come to light showing the Clinton’s paid Trump to be the only candidate Hillary could be guaranteed to beat? One thing is certain, if such proof ever does come to light I will be rubbing it in the face of every alt-right idiot for the next decade.