Where Does Trump Buy His Drugs

Where does Trump buy his drugs? Asking for a friend.

President Trump thinks drugs cost as much as a Snickers or Butterfinger.

“Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars,” Trump said at a news conference Thursday.

Could drugs cost less than a candy bar? Perhaps, if the government wasn’t investing so many resources into wielding violence against peaceful drug manufacturers, sellers, and users. But risk increases prices and the war on unapproved drugs adds a lot of risk for participants in the drug market.

One thought on “Where Does Trump Buy His Drugs”

  1. I’m curious too, like you “asking for a friend.” ;-j

    Here in Colorado, pot has been legal for a few years. At first (I’m told) prices were nearly as high as the black market, and some people continued to purchase through their previous suppliers. Lately, however, there seems to be a slow-motion force that is driving prices down. Example: an ounce w/ 25% THC for $150. Before legalization, my friend might pay $300 for an ounce with considerably less potency.

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