Heads Will Roll

A lot of people were making a big stink about some washed up comedian posting a picture of herself holding up a fake severed head of Donald Trump. Apparently the people flipping out about that picture haven’t heard of GWAR:

Comedian/actress, etc. Kathy Griffin has found herself under fire this week after posing with a fake severed head of United States President Donald Trump. GWAR have been quick to point out in the below video however, that they did it first. You can watch the band’s Beefcake The Mighty discuss that below.

People’s selective outrage has always fascinated me. GWAR has had severed heads of presidents as part of its show for ages now and nobody gave a shit. But when a comedian who most people have probably forgotten does the same things people get butthurt. I’m not sure why this is but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d guess it’s because GWAR isn’t being overtly political. Inserting politics into something that unremarkable has a tendency to make it remarkable to many people.