Monday Metal: The Red and the Black by Iron Maiden

I try to avoid wasting your time with songs that are restricted by the record label from playing on any site other than YouTube (because who wants to give even a tiny amount of free publicity to such jackasses) but since the Iron Maiden concert in St. Paul was Friday I thought it would be appropriate to toss up something by them.

Friday was the first time in, I think, 17 years since Iron Maiden has played in Minnesota. I’m glad they came because it saved me from having to fly to see them again. The show was part of their Book of Souls tour so they played quite a few songs off of that album. I know some people don’t like it when their favorite bands play their newest stuff because they got hooked by the older stuff but I appreciate that Iron Maiden hasn’t resorted to reliving their glory days at every concert. With that said, they did play a lot of their classics including Powerslave, Wrathchild, and The Number of the Beast.

This week’s Monday Metal is off of the Book of Souls album. The Red and the Black is one of my favorite songs off of the album and it was fun hearing it live on Friday.